Hiring a Contractor?

iCheckContractors verifies Florida Contractors’

  • professional license
  • workers’ comp
  • corporate status

...in real time using government data

Time and Date
Because paper documents can be forged, and licenses and insurance expire, it's essential to monitor compliancy. iCheckContractors' data is obtained daily so you are not exposed to undue risk.

Date of Report
Requested Name
Mikell Plumbing, Inc.
The information contained herein is obtained from third party content providers. iCheckContractors makes no warranties in regard to the accuracy or completeness of this report. iCheckContractors shall be held harmless against all claims, suits, judgments, and/or damages resulting from this disclosed information.

Sample Report

Business Entity ? what's this?

Business Name
Mikell Plumbing, Inc.
722 N Central Ave Kissimee, FL 34741
Original Filing Date
Active until the fourth Friday of September of 2021 unless dissolved or withdrawn

Professional Licenses ? what's this?

Sample Report

License Number
Mikell, John C
Type of License
Certified Plumbing Contractor

Date of Licensure
Can be an indicator of experience.

Current Active
Date of Licensure
Valid Until

State License Complaints
If a contractor has license complaints, we give you the details.

08/31/2021 unless cancelled, revoked, etc.
State License Complaints

Sample Report

Workers' Compensation ? what's this?

Workers' Comp Coverage

Name of Insured
Mikell Plumbing, Inc.

Workers' Compensation
Your safety net if someone is injured as a result of your job.

Status of Coverage
Most recent policy effective date
Most policies are valid for one year unless they are cancelled.

Workers' Comp Exemption Holders

Name of exemption holder
John C Mikell
Most recent exemption effective date
Most exemptions are valid for two years unless cancelled or revoked