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iCheckContractors verifies Florida contractors’ professional license, workers’ comp insurance, and corporate status using state government websites.

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Company Information

iCheckContractors provides information on Florida registered corporations, LLCs, limited partnerships, and limited liability limited partnerships.

Professional Licenses

Professional licensing is a means to regulate activities that are deemed dangerous when performed incorrectly.

iCheckContractors verifies Florida state-issued professional licenses of:

iCheckContractors does not support verification for any other trades even though results may be returned when a search is submitted. This includes painters, handymen, flooring and cabinet installers and more. To ensure that a contractor is authorized to do your work, consult with your local building officials who can help ensure that both the work and workers meet state standards.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

In order to help protect against personal injury claims from contractors working on your property, you must insist that all contractors have workers’ compensation insurance or are legally exempt from coverage. Because workers’ compensation exemption waivers are granted to individuals and not to entire companies, there must be strict orders that no other person is allowed to assist the exempt worker without having a proper exemption certificate or insurance.

NOTE: iCheck Contractors DOES NOT verify general liability insurance. To verify General Liability insurance, ask your contractor to have his or her agent mail the Certificate of Insurance DIRECTLY to you.